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Multi-purpose insulator for variable platform

Variable platform multi-purpose insulator FBCD-10

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    Due to the modification of line insulation, this product provides the function of checking electricity and grounding wire while ensuring line insulation during maintenance;The structure is punctured and protected by an insulating shield and the grounding electrode is composed of a rotatable shield.The function of the cross arm insulator leading down the line is also taken into account。This product designed by our company for the transformer station area has a multi-purpose function, which greatly facilitates the problems faced in the maintenance process and power design。

Rated voltage: 10kV
Bending load: 4kN
Arc distance: 170MM
Creepage distance: 420MM
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) : 115kV
Power frequency withstand voltage: 50kV
Short-time withstand current: 8A

☆ The insulator is a silicone rubber composite coat, with good hydrophobicity, dirt resistance and voltage insulation ability。
☆ The structure has the function of checking electricity and grounding。
☆ Adopts puncture design structure, no need to strip wire and other tedious work。
☆ Because it is fully insulated design, it meets the requirements of line insulation。
☆ Adopt the anti-pollution structure design of large and small umbrellas, and meet the anti-pollution requirements of class IV。

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